A man from Kanpur has filed an FIR against his in-laws, accusing them of luring him into a marriage with a transgender and duping him.

According to the complaint, the man, who got married on April 28, had discovered the truth two months later when he tried to consummate the marriage. He claimed the genitals of his wife were not fully developed due to which she was unable to establish physical relations with him. He said when he took his wife for a medical examination, he learned that she was transgender.

Police Inspector Kunj Bihari Mishra said, “A resident of Shastri Nagar married a woman from the Panki area of the district. After their marriage, the bride was found uncomfortable in making relationships with the groom and told him that she had health issues. As the days passed, the man began to suspect that something was amiss. He finally took his wife to a gynecologist for a check-up who confirmed that she was a transgender.”


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