Thursday, December 2, 2021

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Man runs at high speed after being startled by snake; video surfaces

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Hair-raising video shows the second a snake crawled out of its concealing spot and frightened a man, who was then shot running at high velocity with the reptile hot at their heels. The CCTV film, caught in Thailand, isn’t for the cowardly. Click here to watch the video.

Forsaking their table-setting activity to run

The video shows the porch of a house in Thailand, outfitted with a feasting table and two seats. A little grass borders the porch. A couple of moments into the clasp, an individual wearing a red shirt enters the deck and starts preparing the table. Nonetheless, they hadn’t spent more than a couple of seconds on the porch when the snake arose out of the left side and made straight for their lower legs. Frightened, the individual was recorded forsaking their table-setting activity to run at maximum speed, with the snake still in pursuit.

Statements by various individuals

Various individuals who watched the video saw that the snake appeared to be astoundingly antagonistic as it pursued the alarmed mortgage holder.

“Wow, the snake wasn’t even backed into a corner. This was just pure blind rage against the dude,” one YouTube commenter wrote.

” I didn’t realize that some of the snakes were so aggressive,” another said, while a third called it a “totally unprovoked attack.”

“I just saw the snake attempt murder,” another person wrote.

Similar incident in Texas


As of late, a lady in Texas had a comparable encounter when a snake jumped at her as she left her home. Chaunva LeCompte shared how she “almost passed on” of fear after the snake rose out of certain shrubs and frightened her – sending her running very much like the individual in this video.

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