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‘Lingerie or mangalsutra ad?’: Sabyasachi faces backlash after latest Mangalsutra ad; pictures goes viral

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After photographs of his new mangalsutra ad campaign went viral on Wednesday, designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee was severely attacked on social media.

‘Intimate Fine Jewellery’ is the name of his new line. Sabyasachi’s official Instagram feed shared a series of photos of models wearing the brand’s newly announced mangalsutras.

Encourages heterosexual and same-sex relationships

The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra, which is part of the designer’s intimate jewellery collection, is worn by heterosexual and same-sex couples in the promotional advertisement.

Models clothed in intimate attire and wearing a mangalsutra may also be seen in these photographs.

The ad campaign has now been labelled ‘obscene’ by a part of the internet. Several people turned to social media to express their displeasure with the advertisement, claiming that it is an attack on Hindu culture and damages religious emotions.

Mangalsutra ad comments

“What are you exactly advertising? No one will wear this jewellery now coz you have shown the world the if I wear that jewellery I must be some cheapo! please take care of your campaigns (sic),” a user wrote on Instagram comments section.

“My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined (sic),” another user commented. “Jewellery is one of the beautiful piece of art .. could have advertised in better way (sic),” another comment read.

Some commenters even chastised the designer for disrespecting something as sacred as the mangalsutra, a piece of jewellery placed around the necks of Indian women after their weddings.

“Really sabyasachi?? What’s wrong with u these days, Who sell Mangalsutra like this. If u have guts sell burkha, tabij in this manners?? Stop Hindu discremation #Sabyasachi (sic),” a user tweeted.

“This is shameful Act @sabya_mukherjee You are selling the mangalsutra by promoting nudity & obscene content with a hashtag #intimatefinejewellerybysabyasachi. This is intentional hurting of Hindu sentiments. Delete this post ASAP (sic),” another tweet read.

Internet burns! Overdressed ladies, according to Sabyasachi, are bleeding on the inside

The internet chastised designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee after he made an offensive Instagram remark about “overdressed women.” Sabyasachi wrote in his article that a lady who is “overdressed, caked with make-up, and armoured with jewellery” is most likely “wounded.”

Sabyasachi backed up his point with a quote from Miss Havisham, a character in Charles Dickens’ classic novel Great Expectations. But it didn’t help because the internet seemed unimpressed with his post. Sabyasachi wrote in his work that “such women” “shine for the world” but are “bleeding inside.”

She needs healing, and nothing else, Sabyasachi added.

“Take some time off to give her your precious company, heal her with your empathy, because sometimes nothing can replace human warmth. Not even the most precious of jewellery”, read an excerpt from his Sabyasachi’s post.

Sabyasachi’s tweet has received over 16,000 likes so far, however the “dumb blanket remark” that has been made has sparked a debate in the comments section.

“Oh God no. Please don’t make foolish blanket remarks like that in a bid to ‘romanticise’ crap,” one comment read, while another added, “Please don’t link your brand with such views and judgments.”
Sometimes a female simply enjoys her makeup and jewels for no other reason than that she like them!”

His supporters are outraged by the statement, and Sabyasachi has been severely reprimanded as a result.


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