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Watch: Recipe of mango ice cream chaat topped with cheese; Internet is disgusted

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A recent video of cheese topping on mango ice cream chat went viral on social media. It left several social media users feeling disgusted. In the latest video, it shows the recipe how it is prepared, where mango ice cream is mixed with chaat, finishing off the dish by sprinkling cheese on it. Thereafter, the recipe went crazy viral on the internet.

Watch the Video here:

The duration of the video is 3.48-minute which has gone viral, which got over 4 lakh views on Instagram to date.

Social media users reacts on it

Several social media users were left feeling rebelled on glimpsing the clip. Some stated that this particular combination took things too far, even arguing that the dish could be considered as dabeli in any way. Also some social media users joked about adding ingredients such as chocolate, aloe vera or chilli flakes to it. Though some users also wished to try the dish, citing that it might actually taste good.

Unique and bizarre combination

Most of the time social media introduces all of us to new food combinations and recipes that are pretty unique and bizarre. But this combination really tops it off in a bad way. People love chaat, but this new recipe won’t be turning much heads.

It was shared on Twitter, where firstly the street seller is seen soaking the bread slices in coconut water, even though it has turmeric in it. The seller is then seen topping it off with a sweet-sour syrup and sauces, incorporating mango chutney on it. After layering it with some crushed dry fruits, the vendor neatly dices some mango dolly ice cream on it. He then finally grates cheese on top of it and finishes off by adding additional ice cream in the end.

Recipes are on trend

Nowadays it seems that strange recipe and fusion dish combinations are the latest trends to go viral on social media. This is not the first odd food combination that has left Internet users staring.

Recently, a dish combining Maggi with milkshake surfaced over the internet . Also the combination of gulab jamun and Old monk went viral. The dish showed two tall glasses of milk topped by Maggi.

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