Monday, October 18, 2021

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Manipur: Militants kills 4 Person Along With 7-Year-Old in Kangpokpi

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Militants opened fire on a crowd in Manipur‘s B Gamnom hamlet in the Kangpokpi district, killing at least five persons. 

The incident occurred in the village of Ganom at a meeting cum ceremony held by the villagers in honor of the Kuki National Liberation Army cadres who were being laid to rest.

Kuki National Liberation Army

According to reports, the deaths occurred when militants were present at the gathering and members of the Kuki National Liberation Army opened fire. The threatening event occurred just two days after state security personnel killed terrorists from the banned Kuki National Liberation Army in neighboring Manipur areas. 

The local leader, NP Kholen, and two other villagers perished on the spot where the meeting was conducted; however, police later discovered the bodies of two more persons in the village who had bullet wounds.

Out of control situation

After a gang of militants fired fire on many people, including a seven-year-old newborn boy, the incident turned violent. A huge group of cops went to the event site shortly after the deadly shootout ended to bring the situation under control.

Meanwhile, because many of the locals are still missing, the authorities believe there may be additional deaths. 

Kuki Gun manipur The North-Eastern Chronicle

The Chief Minister of Manipur, N Biren Singh, has condemned the dangerous incident, saying that the government of Manipur will never tolerate the violence that endangers the lives of people who live in peace in the state. He also said that violence has no place in a democracy and that it is an act of terrorism.

4 Kuki tribal insurgents killed in Manipur

An engagement in Imphal East district resulted in the deaths of at least four Kuki tribal terrorists and the recovery of four firearms. On Sunday, members of the 21 Para Special Forces hurried to Bongbal Khullen village after learning of the presence of armed insurgents. According to reports, the militants opened fire on the soldiers who reacted. Personnel retrieved four bodies, three AK series weapons, one HK rifle, magazines, and ammo after the firings, which lasted more than an hour.

The cops from the Maphou Dam police station had to walk because there is no route for automobiles, and they were only able to reach the encounter site on Sunday night. With the support of local volunteers, efforts are being made to transport the dead in litters.

Members of the Kuki National Liberation Army are thought to be among the slain terrorists. It had refused to sign a peace treaty and had traveled above ground for talks.


The desires of the Kuki community to protect itself from other militant groups, as well as the aftermath of the Kuki Naga and Kuki — Zomi ethnic battles in 1997-98, are said to be the origins of Kuki insurgent groups, according to the Indian Army’s official website. 

The organizations are active in India’s northeast and Myanmar’s northwest.


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