Written by Ashutosh Roy, The North-Eastern Chronicle

We all have heard about the magical school of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series where kids learn magic and cast spells, which seems like well-groomed fiction. However, there is a little magical village in Assam called Mayong in Morigaon district, which is known for its black magic and witchcraft practices, claims to possess and even heal from illnesses.


Assam is famous for its rich history along with its witchcraft. Mayong, considered India’s capital of black magic, has a lot of weird and unbelievable stories about people turning to birds or animals being made out of nothing. But most of the people in the village believe the stories to be true in all sense.

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Where does the word ‘Mayong’ comes from?

Although the village’s name is debatable, some believe, the name of the village is derived from the Sanskrit word “Maya” or illusion some say is due to the residence of the Moirang clan of Manipur. It dates back tо the days of Mahabharata, where the chief Ghatоtkacha took part in the battle with magical powers.


Legend has it, the Mughal emperor, Muhammad Shah sent an army of 100,000 men to capture the Ahom kingdom of Assam, but the whole army perished in the land of witchcraft, and not a single trace was left.

Archaeological Survey of India, excavated swords and other sharp weapons that resembled tools used for human sacrifice in other parts of the country. Interestingly, people don’t know how this magic came to this little place or who was the first person to practice it. But still, much like our mythical stories, the art and craft of black magic have been passed down over generations. Until 30 years ago, witchcraft was widely practised in Mayong, such as exorcism, and summoning demons.

Now, these practices have been reduced and are used to heal people, tame wild animals and palm reading. Wizards who are called Ojha or Bez, are known to cure back pain by chanting mantras while a copper plate is balanced on your back, people often believe that they keep ghosts as their assistant. These days when someone is ill, they go tо doctor, but there are still people who come tо us for a cure. Whatever doctor cannot cure, we can cure it, as said by one of the Ojha.

However, there is a decline in the belief in black magic due to the advancement of science and technology. People of Mayong have still believed in the power of black magic. According to them, they can cure the disease which doctors cannot. It shows the practice of black magic still exists in the so-called Mayong village.

Mayong is adjacent to the Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary, which has bountiful wildlife, including one-horned rhinoceroses, and has now become a popular tourist destination due to its importance in magic and witchcraft, which attracts people from all around the world. It is said, they still summon demons or practice witchcraft to preserve their sacred culture, hidden away from the world.


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