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Media Trials against Rhea Chakraborty should stop; And let only CBI deal with the investigation

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Media, which is known as the fourth pillar of democracy in India, has a very questionable reputation. There have been a lot of cases where the media acts in the role of the judiciary, infamously known as media trial, and prove innocence guilty without proper investigation.

Rhea Chakraborty’s case is no other than media trials. Although the investigation is under the hands of the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the media has left no stone unturned. As Rhea’s Whatsapp chat with a drug dealer goes viral, the media alleged that she has links with India’s most wanted drug mafia, Dawood Ibrahim. With that logic, most Indians who are in touch with drug dealers will call Dawood Ibrahim their bhaijaan.

Bollywood actress, Taapsee Panu and Lakshmi Manchu raised their voice regarding this issue. Actress Manchu requested everyone to stand for this injustice, the media doesn’t know the truth so they can’t claim her to be guilty unless it’s proven by the judiciary. While Tapeese backed Manchu by tweeting, “trust the law of the land, it is wrong for anyone to overtake the judiciary to convict someone who isn’t proven guilty”.

That being said, the media has no right to prove an innocent guilty without any concrete proof. Its job is to disseminate the information without any adulteration and not to take the judiciary in their hand and accuse one to be guilty. CBI’s special investigation team has been questioning Rhea for the past three days and will continue to do so unless proper evidence is found.

Disclaimer: This Opinion is a perspective of the ongoing incident from one individual’s end, everyone might not agree with the same, we respect each and every opinion and look forward to hear it from our viewers.

Opinion by Ashutosh Roy, The North-Eastern Chronicle.

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