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Meet Becky Guiles, woman who charges her husband if he eats more than her!

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Becky Guiles, a 41-year-old woman, calls herself the “most frugal mum in America.” She claims to be so frugal that she can get anything for 90% less or even free anywhere in the globe. She claims to have always been frugal, but her money-saving mindset reached new heights when she decided to leave her $30,000-$35,000-a-year career and become a stay-at-home mom.

She saves money by washing her dishes in the same machine as her usual laundry, using crumpled newspapers as wall insulation, supergluing broken cupboards, and utilising wallpaper she discovered in a trash can. She also prefers to do her own home renovations. From charging her husband for eating more than her to refusing to pay for tap water, Becky reaches new heights of frugality every day.

“If we ordered say mozzarella sticks and there were four of them and I ate three, she ate one it’s like ‘Jay you’re paying 75 per cent,’” her husband, Jay claims.

Reportedly, Becky had saved so much money over the years of her being frugal than what she earned when she was working.

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