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Meet real life Tarzan from Vietnam who lived 41 years away from civilisation; ‘Had no idea’ about existence of women

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Real-life Tarzan, Ho Van Lang, age 49, lived 41 years of his life in isolation in the deep forest of Tay Tra district in Quang Ngai province. He fled the Vietnam War with his father and his brother and started to live in isolation, deep in the forest.

Ho Van Thanh, Ho Van Lang’s father, fled civilization with his sons after a US bomb killed his wife and two of his other children during the Vietnam War in 1972. But in 2013 the trio was ‘rescued’ from their isolated life and brought to a local village where women also live. There, they have slowly been adapting to civilization. They now live in a house near the jungle

In the year 2015, the managing director of Docastaway, Alvaro Cerezo, met the family. After the meet, Cerezo said, “They always escaped when they saw people from a distance. As Lang’s father had a profound phobia of returning [to civilization] as he did not believe that the Vietnam War was over.”

He further said, “More surprising still is that today, despite being able to distinguish between men and women, he still doesn’t know the essential difference between them. I can confirm that Lang has never had the minimum sexual desire and his reproductive instinct has never shown its head in any of its many facets.” Ho Van Lang’s dad never told them about sexuality. From materials they found in the forest, the trio always kept fire lit and made tools, cutlery, and cooking utensils.

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