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Meghalaya: Pressure groups burn effigies of Amit Shah on July 25 over his silence regarding implementation of ILP

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Pressure groups met the Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday but weren’t allowed to proceed further than just making their submission regarding the issue with ILP and CAA.


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Protestor’s warning against the government

After Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s short and unfruitful interaction with the pressure groups’, they however demand the implementation of the Inner Line Permit (ILP) in the state, writings appear on the wall indicating Meghalaya’s upcoming troubled days.

Some graffitis read – “ Grant us ILP otherwise we will revive the Instrument of Accession” and “Government of India when will you grant ILP to Meghalaya”. Such graffitis adorns the walls of state capital Shillong.

Members of Khasi Students Union (KSU) also took to the streets carrying placards at Sohra, where Shah visited and in some areas of Shillong. The placards read – “We want ILP”, “We oppose CAA.”

Activists of the Garo Students Union (GSU) and Achik Youth Welfare Organisation (AYWO) burns effigy of Shah in front of the CM’s office in the commissioner building, Dakopgre, Tura.

According to a statement given by AYWO president Sengbath Ch Marak, they had burnt the effigy of Shah to express their disappointment and added, “This is just the beginning, everybody will see that we meant business.”

Reason that leads to the situation as hand


Reportedly, pressure groups spearheading the demand for implementation of ILP had met Shah on Saturday but were not allowed to proceed further than just making their submission.

protest Meghalaya The North-Eastern Chronicle

Shah asked if they had any other issue to discuss or the meeting could end leaving the groups fuming for his silence regarding the issue.

In late 2019, trouble broke out over ILP and CAA which dragged on to early 2020. Large-scale uprising leading to arson, violence, and complete halt of normal life took place back then. However, due to the pandemic and rise in cases everywhere, the movement has been put on hold.

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