With the internet connecting more people, we have witnessed several doppelgangers of celebrities. But this doppelganger comes with a unique talent for singing. A video of a kulfi vendor in Pakistan having a striking resemblance to the billionaire politician Donald Trump is going viral over the internet.

The viral video shows a middle-aged man wearing a kurta-pajama, probably suffering from albinism with blond hair and a similar physique to Trump singing soulfully beside his cart. A plus point, he had a soulful singing voice. He reportedly hails from Sahiwal in Punjab, Pakistan.

The video garnered attention after Pakistani singer-songwriter Shehzad Roy shared it on his social media handles praising the Trump doppelganger: “Wah. Qulfi walay bhai, Kya baat ha.” He even posted on Twitter: “Please share if you know this Qulfi walay bhai…. I am looking for him.”

However, his unique look gave way to some hilarious memes, with one user saying, “Donald Trump is selling ice cream in Pakistan after losing the election.” Another added: “Didn’t know the former US President could sing”.


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