Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Mexican navy chopper crash lands while transporting aid to Hurricane Grace casualties; scary video surfaces

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In a tragic moment, a Mexican navy helicopter made a forced landing on some vehicles while moving aid for casualties of Hurricane Grace. Luckily, no severe accident was reported apart from a couple of passengers getting injured. The video has now gone viral.

The instance, caught on camera by an eyewitness, shows the helicopter drifting over the field, getting ready to land. While endeavoring to land, it was seen letting go completely and spiraling into a nearby clearing, hitting a van and an SUV.

After the accident, the helicopter’s tail rotor and sharp edges were destroyed in the impact, sending pieces of it flying in every direction.

Mexican navy chopper

Group of bystanders immediately rushed to crash site to assist the passengers out

The chopper with 20 individuals on board imploded in the town of Agua Blanca, in the focal province of Hidalgo. 

Through his Twitter account, the legislative leader of Veracruz affirmed that the Secretary of State Government, Eric Cisneros, was going in this helicopter when the chopper encountered some mechanical issues.

As per the neighborhood media, security and crisis powers showed up at the scene not long after to watch out for those harmed, including Cisneros.

No human life loss

Cisneros, after sometime, tweeted to assure everyone that he was in a stable condition and there have been “no human losses.” Taking to Twitter, he added: “We still help, even with minor injuries.”

According to La Jornada, passengers injured within the accident were rushed to the Regional Hospital of Metepec, Hidalgo, but a selected number was unavailable.

Hurricane Grace within the Mexican state of Veracruz

The Category-3 storm, Hurricane Grace, was a strong one that became the strongest of all landfalling tropical cyclones within the Mexican state of Veracruz.

In its nine-day move across the North Atlantic Ocean, Grace impacted much of the Leeward Islands and slammed into the coast near the resort of Tecolutta, causing heavy rain and havoc in many areas of the coastal town.

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