A video has gone viral lately of  Mike Jack who is a food content creator. A huge promoter of veganism, Mike had recently broken records by eating a banana in just 37.782 seconds. 

Did not even use hands


What’s more astounding is the fact that he did not even use his hands while performing this amazing achievement. The Guinness World Records‘ uploaded the video on their official Instagram account. The caption read “Vegan Speed Eating King – Guinness World Records.” “Mike Jack ploughs through some vegan treats in an attempt to become the best vegan speed eater ever.”

Who’s Mike Jack ?

Mike Jack is a content creator and owner of “Mike Jack Eats Heat” YouTube channel.  His channel is filled with loads of videos dedicated to him performing various experiments related to food. Recently, Mike even smashed another Guinness World Record by becoming the quickest to drink tomato sauce worth one liter. In the clip, Mike could be seen finishing the task in a meagre 1 minute and 32 seconds.

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