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Mind-Boggling! Man in Bengaluru gets robbed of Rs. 50,000 on bus; thief enacts throw-up drama to divert attentions

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A passenger traveling on a BMTC bus (route no 401) was looted by a group of thieves between Nayandanahalli Metro station and BHEL on Mysuru Road. They robbed him of 50,000.

The victim, identified as Chandra Mohan (50), was on his way to the bank at Vasanthnagar to deposit cash. The five men surrounded him and also refused to take a seat when the conductor asked them to be seated. The thieves set a trap by enacting a throw-up drama in front of him to divert his attention and rob him.

Mohan added, “Suddenly, one of them pretended to throw up on me and I stood up. His associates rushed the man towards the door and got down. Other passengers noticed he was carrying a packet with him and alerted me. I checked my trouser pocket and found Rs 50,000 missing. “

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