A pathetic situation took place in the Rajana Siricilla district in Telangana, where a woman staged a unique protest at Tahasildar Office, against the illegal transfer of her land to others.

She tied her “Mangalasutra” (Thalibottu in Telugu) as a bribe to the Tahasildar office main gate and created a sensation demanding the return of her land. The women have been urging for justice for the past three years to give land patta.

The woman staging the protest at the Tahasildar office said “My land was registered and sold out to others illegally” She further alleges the revenue officials those are denying her justice for the past three years and said, “Without my knowledge, our two acres of land under 130/14 survey number was transferred to others illegally and they sold out to others.”

The woman said that she has two children and lost her husband and no land. By clearing tears rolling down the cheeks, she pleaded saying that at least now the Tahasildar office should take her Mangalasutra and return the two acres of land in her name.


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