Missing dog reunited with its family after two years; netizens shower love

In a heartening incident, a Wisconsin man was reunited with his dog, missing for two years, after spotting him on a television news segment on adoptable pets. The family quickly informed the TV news crew that the dog featured on their show was their pet Payday.

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Missing dog- how Payday was found


The dog had been missing for approximately two years and the owner, identified only as Dwight, had searched everywhere and given up. His family went pillar to post in search of him for two years, but it was unsuccessful.

But to Dwight’s surprise, he woke up in the morning to the sounds of FOX6’s broadcast, wherein the host was introducing the talented ‘little brown canine’ with the most adorable underbite. It took Dwight just one glance to identify his furry sweetheart ‘Payday’.

Internet showers its love and emotions

A Facebook post, shared by the Wisconsin Humane Society, revealed that the owner, Dwight, contacted WITI-TV after watching an Adopt-A-Pet segment featuring his long-lost dog.

It shared a video of their happy reunion. Payday was so excited to be in his mother’s arms that he could contain his happiness. This is what fairytales are made of.

The heartwarming video took over the internet minutes after it was shared. It amassed 45,000 views and counting.

Being fully invested in the story, netizens were ecstatic when they witnessed it.

“What a great story,” one user said. Many also lauded the news channel for making the reunion happen. Another user added, “Huge success and that little dog loved his owners! They are blessed to get him back.”


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