Monday, October 18, 2021

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Mizoram Police registers theft case against Assam Police, withdraws it later

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The Assam-Mizoram border tensions do not seem to have quenched as a theft case has been lodged on Sunday by Mizoram police against Assam police. 

The Issue and Assam Police’s goodwill

The issue arises from when Assam Police allegedly confiscated construction supplies and equipment which were allegedly meant for the construction of a bridge near the border area in Hailakandi district.

However, the state police here returned the seized materials on Monday as a goodwill gesture and to maintain peace in the area. The case was withdrawn thereafter.

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What did the local Police say?


As per the Hailakandi police, since as per discussion between the two governments and agreement that there would not be any construction along the borders of the two states till the border dispute is not resolved, they had to act accordingly.

Withdrawal of case by Mizoram Police

Mizoram police sources said that the case lodged was withdrawn on Sunday night, after Assam Police returned the construction supplies. Mizoram police, however, did accuse Assam police of allegedly entering its territory.

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