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Money Heist Professor spotted in Pakistan? Read to find out!

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Netizens can’t believe that the ‘lookalikes’ of celebrities keep on appearing in the country of Pakistan. A lookalike of the lead character from Netflix’s web series ‘Money Heist’ also known as the Professor was spotted at a store in Pakistan according to fans of the show. The newest season of the show aired last week, adding to the hype. 

Doppelganger of the Professor spotted in a store


Fans around the world are hyped up as the newest season of Netflix’s web series ‘Money Heist’ was aired last week. With the ongoing hype and overall discussions on social media regarding the newest season, some fans in Pakistan spotted a lookalike of the Professor from the show.

A Twitter user by the name of Malaika shared the photo of the lookalike this Sunday, and people online could easily spot the resemblance. The Professor lookalike has really similar facial structures and the glasses added more to the resemblance, making him look more quite similar to the character which is played by Spanish actor Alvaro Morte. 

In the photo, the person is seen in his store scribbling something in his notebook. The way he was concentrating also reminded fans of the Professors’ expressions when he plans out complex and sophisticated plan layouts and escapes in Money Heist.

The fan also took inspiration from the show’s original title, La Casa De Papel, and tweeted, “La casa do pattay dispirin,” along with the hashtag ‘Money Heist’  which left no doubt about the reference.

In the beginning of this year, fans of the show had found a lookalike of the Professor in Indian cricketer Virat Kohli. This resemblance came about as Kohli was seen with a beard, hairstyle and glasses sealed similarly as the character of the Professor. Some fans speculate that Kohli’s looks were inspired by the Spanish Actor Alvaro Morte’s role. However, some were simply taken aback by the uncanny resemblance.

Netizens react to the tweet with humour

The tweet garnered tons of interest laced with humour. A Twitter user wrote, “Professor’s Pakistani connection,” referring to the resemblance and the location of the lookalike. To add more to the growing amusement of ‘Money heist’ fans, the user further tweeted, “Professor working on his next heist”. Some fans added into the humour as the show is known for its twists and turns which in turn flare up the viewers’ imagination.

Some hardcore fans of the show even recall the time when the Professor did contact Pakistan during a heist on the show. Fans in Pakistan couldn’t feel prouder at that moment and even made a reference to that part with regards to the lookalike.

The popularity of the show is no exception in the subcontinent as is evident by the huge fanbase. In one of the seasons, a group of Pakistani hackers were introduced which made fans completely elated. One of the roles of the Pakistani hackers was played by Indian actor Ajay Jethi.

Money Heist Season 5

Money Heist is all the hype nowadays as people can’t seem to get over how addicting the show is with the unexpected twists and turns. Plus, the addition and introduction of the new characters add more to the addicting factor. Some can’t even get over the cliffhanger left by Season 5’s part one which was aired recently on Netflix. Fans are counting days to hours, waiting eagerly for the next release with some even coming up with assumptions as to what will happen next.

After the airing of the newest season’s finale, popular fan theories have been debunked, leaving them over the edge.

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