Monday, November 29, 2021

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Mother cat introduces kitten to newborn human baby; video wins heart

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In this video, a mother cat introduces her offspring to a newborn human. The video has become a social media sensation.

Video of a cat introducing her kitten to a newborn baby has gone viral on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. It was posted on Reditt for the first time in July of this year. Buitengebieden, a Dutch Twitter account, also shared it. The video has been viewed over 149k times.

Mama cat seen to be carrying the kitten to the baby

Watch the Video here:

We watch the kitten being carried about by the mother cat and placed just next to the sleeping baby. But mama cat stops it and brings it back to the same spot. What a touching video.

“Mommy cat showing her kitten to the newest member of the family (sic),” the video caption said. Baby kitten is being introduced to the family by its mother.

Internet swoons over the video

As a result of this touching film, the Internet has gone into a frenzy. Heart: “This is so nice and precious. Despite this, the small kitty (sic) isn’t impressed,” a user commented.

This is what I imagine mommy cat is saying to her baby: “see that? So cute! That’s how babies behave (sic),” read another comment.

I love this. Unconditional love at its purest form is beautiful”, says another user.

Cat saw to be helping her baby kitten up the stairs; similar video leaves Netizens awed

Thousands of lovely videos of puppies and kittens have been uploaded to the internet and have gone viral in a matter of days.

Some social media users were amused by a cat and her kitten in a similar video posted on Thursday.

Over 64,000 people have watched the 29-second footage shared by Buitengebieden on Twitter.

Cat helps the kitten up the stairs, as seen in the video. The lovely tiny kitten appeared to be apprehensive about mounting the steps.

Her mother, on the other hand, helped. When she walked, it waited for her at every step.

I watched as the kitten made its way up the stairs, slowly and steadily, to the top floor.

According to the post’s caption: “Mommy helping her kitten to climb the stairs”.

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