//Trigger Warning. Viewer discretion is advised: Contains extremely disturbing Graphics//

With the rise in cases against women, one such horrific incident took place in Madhya Pradesh, two tribal sisters were assaulted with sticks by their relatives allegedly for chatting with their uncle’s son over the phone. The victims were aged 19 and 20 and hail from Pipalva village, located around 70 km from Dhar district headquarters as said by the police.

A snap from the viral Video

The incident took place last month and 7 people were arrested in respect to the assault after a video went viral on social media platforms according to reports.

The police found that their family members were angry over the women talking on the phone to the sons of their maternal uncle and subsequently assaulted them with sticks, the official added.

Such news are a daily instances now. Yesterday a report was made where a tribal women was tied to a tree and assaulted with sticks by her kin for leaving her husband’s home and staying with her uncle.

With the rise in such public assaults , women commission or concerned authorities’ strict take is highly expected.


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