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MP Ripun Bora suspended for unruly behavior from Rajya Sabha along with 11 others

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On November 29, MP Ripun Bora who is a member of the Assam Congress in the Rajya Sabha was suspended along with 11 other members for the rest of the winter session. 

Reason for the suspension: 

Ripun Bora along with the other eleven members are said to have created ruckus and showed unruly behavior amidst the agriculture bill repeal bill’s passage. 

Ugly and chaotic scenes were witnessed in the Upper House while the opposition members were condemning the three farm bills in full rage. 

Statements by the MP: 

Reacting to the situation Bora stated that “Yes, we had objected at the last session.” We had demonstrated in favor of farmers and the poor, and as lawmakers, it is our job to raise the voices of the oppressed and impoverished. If we don’t raise our voices in Parliament, where will we do so?” Hereafter Bora also tagged the resolution as “undemocratic and unjustified” as according to him it doesn’t authorize a discussion on the agriculture bill repeal measure. Bora also said that the decision is “sexist, biassed, and one-sided.” The MP also claimed that the opposition parties were asked nothing about the entire decision. 

Current scenario: 

On November 30, a meeting is called in Rajya Sabha MP Mallikarjun Kharge’s office to address the expulsion of 12 Rajya Sabha members. 

Nevertheless, most of the opposition members are reviling against the unlawful and unjustified suspension of the 12 MPs.

On November 30, the floor leaders of Rajya Sabha will gather to consider the following actions in order to oppose the decision made by the Government and also to safeguard the parliamentary democracy. 

Suspended MPs: 

Along with Ripun Bora, Elamaram Kareem (CPM), Phulo Devi Netam (INC), Chhaya Verma (INC), Binoy Viswam (CPI), Rajamani Patel (INC), Dola Sen (TMC), Shanta Chhetri (TMC), Syed Nasir Hussain (INC), Priyanka Chaturvedi (Shiv Sena), Anil Desai (Shiv Sena), Akhilesh Prasad Singh (INC) are the other MPs who are suspended. 

About the Monsoon Session: 

The Monsoon Session of Parliament ended two days prior due to the repeated disruptions by the opposition as they protested over the Pegasus snooping row and the three farm laws. 

The opposition MPs assertedly disrespected the decorum by climbing on the official’s table and performing other misconduct like throwing files and waving black cloth while the house started to discuss the farmer’s protest against the newly reformed laws.



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