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MP: Woman cop allegedly gang-raped at birthday party; Accused records rape on phone for extortion

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Earlier this month, a serving female cop from Madhya Pradesh claimed that she was gang-raped by three guys at a birthday celebration. The 30-year-old from Madhya Pradesh’s Neemuch area filed a complaint on September 13, prompting an investigation and the filing of a case this week against five people, including the primary accused’s mother.

About the incident

According to her complaint, the female cop befriended the accused on Facebook. “Since April, the accused had befriended the victim on Facebook and communicated with her over WhatsApp. He invited the girl to his younger brother’s birthday party, where she was raped by three males, according to the police report “The in-charge of the women’s police station, Anuradha Girwal, told PTI.

The complainant claims that she was raped at the party by the main accused, his brother, and another guy, and that the accused also recorded the assault on camera.

She also claimed that the main accused’s mother threatened her and that a relative of the main accused threatened her and tried to extort money from her. The primary accused and his mother have been arrested as a result of her accusation, and the case is being investigated further.

Similar horrifying incidents in MP


A married woman was allegedly sedated and raped by a business owner in Madhya Pradesh. The man did not stop there; he allegedly filmed the disgusting conduct on tape and blackmailed the victim with it. To make her lose consciousness, the accused allegedly served her a fruit juice laced with sedatives.

When the accused’s wife watched the video and published it on social media, the incident became public. After the video went viral, the 40-year-old woman’s daughter held a protest and was allegedly beaten by the accused and his wife. The survivor went to the police station on Sunday and filed a complaint.

The Heinous crime

The accused’s customer was a 40-year-old married woman. The woman went to the accused’s shop on May 2019 to get some work done, and he offered her a drink of fruit juice. The woman passed out after drinking the sedative-laced juice, and the accused reportedly raped her, according to The Times of India.

When the woman recovered consciousness, the accused informed her that he had recorded an obscene video of her and that if she notified anybody about the incident, he would post it on social media. The victim was raped again after the accused used the video to blackmail her. The accused shopkeeper’s wife watched the footage three months ago and uploaded it on the internet.

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