Mumbai: 26-year-old doctor tests COVID positive thrice; Twice after both vaccine doses

Dr. Shrushti Halari was on Covid duty at Mumbai’s Veer Savarkar Hospital and first contracted the virus on June 17 last year despite having a high level of antibodies.

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Efficacy of Covid vaccines


Particularly when it comes to its effectiveness against newer and more aggressive variants of the coronavirus there have been debates over the vaccine.

Dr. Shrushti Halari, a 26-year-old Mumbai doctor tests positive thrice in 13 months – twice after taking both doses of the vaccine. The doctor’s family – father, mother, and brother, who have co-morbidities – also test positive, for the first time each, this month. They too have been given both doses of a vaccine.

The first vaccine dose (Covishield) was taken on March 8 this year and the second on April 29. The whole family was vaccinated together.

Contraction of the virus: Contact tracing


Reportedly, Dr. Shrushti Halari was on Covid duty at the Veer Savarkar Hospital in Mumbai’s Mulund area and first contracted the virus on June 17 last year. It was a mild infection at that point.

However, a month later after the vaccination, on May 29, Dr. Halari tested positive for a second time, this time with mild symptoms that allowed for recovery at home. The virus then struck again, on July 11 Dr. Halari test positive, and this time it was the entire family. All four members are being treated with Remdesivir.

Professionals take on the issue regarding vaccines

According to the doctor, a test for Covid antibodies in the blood returned positive results.

Experts have pointed out that a Covid vaccine does not translate to immunity from the disease, and that even after both doses people can still get infected.

However, the benefit of the vaccine, they have stressed, is that breakthrough infections (infections after vaccination) are milder, rarely require hospitalization, and are very unlikely to be fatal.


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