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Mumbai based businessman leaks videos and photos of ex girlfriend; continues to harass despite FIRs

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A Mumbai businessman who is 45-year-old has leaked photos and videos of a Virar resident on a WhatsApp group and social media after their failed relationships and he further continues to harass the woman and also her family. The man who was identified as Dilip Jain, in the past 1 year, made about 65,000 phone calls to her number. Whereas the victim is 29-yr-old.

Woman was abused on social media by the man


Besides defaming the girl, the harasser abused her on social media, while she waited for the police to look after this matter. Also, he has once previously made the survivor’s fake Instagram account, which implies her as a ‘call girl’ and he circulated her number to numerous people. Virar police stated he has gone covert after they sent him a show-cause warning along with a notice for externment.

The man has seven FIRs filed against him and four non-cognisable offences based on the complaints filed by the woman. At Tulinj police station, out of the seven FIRs one has been filed there. And the rest are registered at Virar police station for all the non-cognisable offences. The woman said Jain has been using many SIM cards for the purpose of making calls to the woman and her family members.

FIR registered against him

Virar police on February 28 had filed an FIR for creating her fake profile on Facebook and then on Instagram, however, the account was suspended. Still, he has made another Instagram profile. “It takes hardly a minute to create an account on social media, but it kills my entire day to file an FIR for the same… I don’t know what will be the final solution,” she said while speaking to a journal.

She was threatened

woman 1 business The North-Eastern Chronicle

“Jain has been sending messages to numerous people using this fake Instagram account, along with my mobile number. He writes to them, ‘I am a call girl…interest ho to WhatsApp par call karo (sic)’,” she said. She is everyday flooded with lewd messages and random calls on her WhatsApp. “The callers ask for my rate for one night. In the messages, they ask if I am a call girl and how much do I charge… I don’t know how to get rid of this problem…,” she added.

According to a report, her father claims that Jain also harassed his sister in Jamnagar, Gujarat. “He used to call my sister who is 55-year-old and say, ‘you are a dhandhewali’… After his back-to-back calls, she finally blocked his number and even stopped talking to us. My sister is not keeping well and this harassment is taking a toll on her health. We don’t know what to do… I am feeling completely helpless… He was arrested and externed from Virar, yet he has not stopped harassing us,” he said.

He added, “Jain calls me at least 25 times a day…sometimes at 2am. He has circulated my number as that of my daughter’s pimp… I have been telling people who send messages that a fake ID has been created to harass us. But a few of them continue to send disturbing messages.”

Family’s reputation deteriorated

Father said, he has defamed and damaged his family’s reputation and his daughter is not getting any decent marriage proposal after that. “The entire family is disturbed…kya karu [what do I do?],” the father asked. However, the daughter said, “Jain has vowed to defame us publicly.” Family asserted that they are all scared.

It was her three-plus years of relationship with him which ended now, after that Jain has been harassing the woman. In April 2019, a local court ordered his externment from Palghar, Bhiwandi and Thane talukas but he continued to make life miserable.

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