Monday, October 18, 2021

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Myanmar group asks insurgents of Manipur to stop fighting against its nationals or they will ‘throw them out’

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A pro-democracy association in the overthrow of Myanmar said it would remove the insurgents from Manipur, working out of the nation’s soil, following the arrival of democracy.

Warning statement by people’s protection force


In a “warning statement”, the Individuals’ Protection force, which is situated in Myanmar’s Tamu and Sagaing locale, asked the insurgents to promptly quit battling against the Myanmar nationals allied with the military.

“We strongly believe that we will win shortly. This is to let them know that when democracy is restored, they shall not be allowed to live in Myanmar. So, we warn them to immediately stop supporting and working with the military forces,” the statement said.

Insurgents battling against individuals

The association said as opposed to living in equitable Manipur and India, the insurgents were working out of the Tamu and Sagaing area and battling against individuals of the country.

What does the statement say?

“We warn them to immediately stop supporting and working with the military and stop fighting us. If they don’t care about this warning, they will be listed, in generation(s) to come, as the people who don’t like democracy in Myanmar,” the statement said.

“Democracy for us, the people of Myanmar, went away when the military took over the country on February 1, 2021. Since then, we have been making every effort to fight against the forces to get a federal democratic system in our country,” the statement further said.

The organization is hopeful

The association is hopeful that democracy in the nation will be arriving soon.

Some Northeastern militant organizations including the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) and the Individuals’ Liberation Army of Manipur are with their bases in Myanmar.

Since their meeting up a couple of years prior under the flag of Western South East Asia or WESEA, they have done a few composed assaults on the security powers in parts of the Northeast.

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