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Are you fond of Mysteries? Then let us discuss 5 creepy as well as strange instances viewed on Google Maps


Article by: Drishika Deka, The North-Eastern Chronicle

Visual by: Kunal Kaustav Duwarah

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Human world is full of mysteries. In our day to day life, we come across various instances that never fail to shock us as well as make us curious about the various happenings.

But discovering certain creepy images on some phone app could be quite unique. Isn’t it? Well let us set towards a journey of some creepy as well as strange instances on Google Maps. It is a web mapping platform offered by Google which offers a satellite imagery, aerial photography, street maps, and 360 degree interactive panoramic view of streets, real-time traffic conditions and route planning for travelling by car, foot, air etc.

Google maps is used by about millions of people every month, all around the world. Besides its general functions, it has also been able to creep out various people through some incredibly weird as well as scary places or spots that it has captured accidentally.

Bloody Body near the Lake


The movies of serial killers as well as murderers never fail to spook us out. However how will you react when you encounter such spooky instance of a dead body being dragged by a person towards a lake in real life? Well an instance of such terrifying happening got captured on Google Maps.

According to the site reports on April 2013, a meme spread, stated that the coordinates 52.376552, 5.198303 into Google Maps showed the image of a man dragging a body down a dock and into a lake, leaving a trail of blood behind in the process. The dock is located in Beatrix Park in Almere, Netherlands.

According to the reports of Snopes, the image may be of some people walking, accompanied by a dark brown dog, and that the “blood” is just red-stained wood that probably got wet, maybe because the dog jumped into the water. No matter what the fact is, this picture can still creep out anyone.

Parked Flying Saucer

Parked Flying Saucer 1 Mysteries The North-Eastern Chronicle

The concept of alien is quite interesting for the human mind. As time is passing by the scientists as well as researchers are trying their best to reveal the mystery of alien’s existence.

Many times, we come across various videos on internet of UFO being spotted at various places. A similar image could be seen on Google Maps that shocked the people on the very first glance. The image looks like that of a spaceship or alien space craft being parked in mid air.

Later on it was discovered that this weird image of the parked spaceship was just a water tower in Romania that might have appeared as a space shuttle by mistake. But we cannot deny the fact that, the water tower definitely looked like an UFO.

The Lake Of Blood

The Lake Of Blood Mysteries The North-Eastern Chronicle

Blood Lake or lake of blood could be often seen in the war zones where thousands of corpses lay dead and stream of blood could be seen flowing all around. According to a Google survey of 2007, a lake appeared to be flowing with stream of blood. The scene of blood like liquids flowing through the lake provides a creepy as well as disturbing feeling to anyone who views it.

However, according to a particular website named, looking at the coordinates of the blood lake in the present, it appears to be just an ordinary lake. No proper explanation was given for this happening, however the specific website stated that due to the slaughterhouses, disposing the runoff blood, might have led to the appearance of the lake flowing with blood.

Sunken Car

Sunken Car Mysteries The North-Eastern Chronicle

Now let us come to another creepy instance discovered on Google Map. Employees at a Michigan funeral home, in 2015 were at the task of decorating a tree for the holidays, when they saw the roof of a car at the pond nearby.

According to the reports, later on it was discovered that a body, that went missing for nine years was found in the car. And the most shocking of all was the fact that the car was visible on Google Street View this whole time.

Pigeon People

Pigeon People Mysteries The North-Eastern Chronicle

While exploring the streets of West Tokyo on Google Maps, we may come across a strange group of people wearing pigeon masks, standing and looking at us. This rather seems quite creepy for the fact of suddenly coming across such strange people.

Imagine viewing Tokyo on Google Map and suddenly coming across a bunch of people with such strange pigeon face, what will be your reaction? However later on, it turned out that the people with pigeon masks were the local people who knew about the Google Street crew and all of them wanted to appear in the final photo of the street.

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