Kohima: The Rising People’s Party (RPP) has become Nagaland’s newest political party after it obtained the Election Commission of India (ECI) registration. Joel Naga, the president of Rising People’s Party said, “We want to give voice to the younger generation who are so fed up with corruption and misgovernance. We want to empower people from the grassroots, especially women”.

Speaking to media Naga said, “We haven’t received the letter as such but it has been listed on the website. We also received a notice on June 7.”

With positive hopes he expressed that people are excited. “I think it has given a new hope to the people. I am not saying that RPP is the saviour of the Naga people but I think we need to understand that people have hopes and they look at us. I believe that they are praying that we will succeed,” he added.

Additionally, the party will be fielding candidates for the 2023 state assembly elections.


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