Kohima: On June 17, The United Naga Council (UNC), expressed dissatisfaction and concern over the recent statement made by Nagaland minister and BJP President Temjen Imna Along on the Naga political issue following the formation of the Core Committee on Naga Political Issue (CCNPI).

Reportedly, according to the council;, the minister said in the interview that, “Any solution that would come should be under the constitution of India and it should be under Indian Union. So anything that is good for the Naga people under the constitution of India should pursued and done it.”

Additionally, the UNC highlighted that, “Government of India and the Naga people had signed 3 (three) failed agreements in the past,” which are: (i) The 9 Point Agreement, (ii) The 16th Point Agreement and (iii) The Shillong Accord.


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