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NASA intern Pratima Roy’s picture with Hindu Gods behind her is winning hearts over the internet

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Indians achieving admirable things abroad is not all that uncommon, as almost all the organizations that matter, right from Google to Microsoft, have an Indian at them. NASA is one such organization that commands a great deal of respect. Recently, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) shared a picture on Twitter promoting its internship program. The tweet had four pictures featuring successful interns from before. One of the pictures was of an Indian-American Pratima Roy.

However, Roy’s photograph created controversy and divided twitter into two groups. The reason being the idols and images of Hindu gods and goddesses visible in Roy’s background. Some people were praising her achievement however a few others even called it the destruction of science.
Some even accused NASA of destroying ‘Science’.

Quoting NASA’s tweet, a Twitter handle wrote, ‘After seeing this, we said, NASA has destroyed science. ‘Science ka Naash kar diya NASA ne”, One group believed that a top-notch science institution like NASA shouldn’t allow any kind of religion and related symbols to exist in the vicinity. The more pompous ones questioned why do Hindus need to surround themselves with Gods and Goddesses, which is equivalent to questioning why do fish need to live in water. They even questioned why NASA had decided to choose that particular image. Ashok Swain appears to have deleted his quoted tweet since then. However all such negative comments doesn’t define the capabilities of a learner, her faith and hardwork both go hand in hand.

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