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NASA selects 14-year-old Diksha Shinde as a panellist on their MSI Fellowship Virtual Panel

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Diksha Shinde, a girl from Aurangabad, Maharashtra gets selected by NASA for their MSI Fellowship Virtual Panel after her research on the existence of God.


Shinde shows how important it is not to give up

A 14-year-old girl from Aurangabad, Maharashtra makes a remarkable achievement as she has been selected as a panellist on the Minority Serving Institution (MSI) Fellowships Virtual Panel of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

Currently, Diksha Shinde is in class 10 and according to her she loves reading books by Stephen Hawking and spends several hours doing so.

According to her, she had worked on an article on ‘Questioning the Existence of God’ for three months for almost 24 hours each day. NASA rejected her article, but that didn’t slow her down. Even after she got rejected for the second time she decided to put more effort.

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Thankfully, she elaborated more on her third one and her hard work finally paid off as NASA accepted her work and contacted her, telling her that they liked it a lot. Following that, they told her that they will give her a topic to write an article for their website and research on it.

In October, NASA will be holding a conference where Shinde is one of the attendees. They will also be paying for all the expenses.

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Netizens worry that it might be another scam

People are proud of this remarkable achievement, however, some are wary of this wary and concerned for Diksha Shinde.

Currently, NASA does not have any such programme and the requirements of the fellowship are quite higher than Shinde’s qualifications.

From NASA’s website, in order to submit a proposal, one must have already attended the MSI Fellowships programme by NASA, they must be U.S. citizens or a national with a bachelor’s degree earned before Aug. 31, and they must be someone who has enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program before Sept. 1, 2021. All of these requirements clearly shows that a class 10 student is not eligible for this program.

Moreover, this rise in concerns might have been due to a similar story of journalist Nidhi Razdan who got scammed into leaving her job to join Harvard University.

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