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National Press Day: A day to remember!

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Every year on the 16th of November, National Press Day is celebrated to acknowledge and honor the Press Council of India, which is the independent and responsible press working for the nation. We all know media is the fourth pillar as well as the watchdog of democracy for a reason, and obviously, for a smooth running of the structure, it needs to be transparent to the audience.

Why is National Press Day celebrated?

National press day celebrates the ultimate freedom of the press. It always tries to ensure that the press works for the people and maintains a high standard in respect of being the powerful medium. The Press Council of India was established in the year 1966, on the 16th of November, marking the new and diversified era of the press world.

We all know how much big role media has played in everyone’s life, and respect that this day is celebrated. We also don’t know how much work a media person has to play to bring about the news and sources in front of the audience, making everything transparent.

The history!!

To learn about history, we have to dig into the political aspect as well. The Fortress Commission in 1956 recommended the establishment of the Press Council and said that the best way of maintaining professional ethics in journalism would be to bring into existence a body with statutory authority, of people principally connected with the industry whose duty would be to arbitrate. So, the Press Council of India was established on November 16, 1966, and founded on 4th July 1966. Since then, the press started working as a watchdog as well as the fourth pillar of democracy, abiding by rules and regulations.

The Press Council of India, also famously known as PCI headquartered in New Delhi, India – has a chairman, traditionally, a retired Supreme Court judge, and 28 additional members of which 20 are members of media, nominated by the newspapers, television channels, and other media outlets operating in India.

About 2021 celebrate ion of the Press Day!!

Like every year, this year also in 2021, it is celebrated with full enthusiasm. Seminars are conducted by various organizations and universities, which spoke about various sensitive issues. The seminars are held for either one or two days and educate people about the importance of a free and responsible press in the country. The Press Council of India plays an important role in maintaining a healthy democracy in the country. It also ensures that the press in India is not affected by any external matter.

The Theme for National Press Day 2021 was ‘Who is Not Afraid of Media?’ As part of the celebration, the Press Council of India held a function at the Constitution Club of India, New Delhi. Eminent Journalist and Author Mr. Swaminathan Gurumurthy graced the celebration as the Guest of Honour. and Keynote Speaker.

To sum it up, the National press day is one of the most important days for the Indian Council, marking the growth and the success of journalistic conduct as well as the media organizations.

But not to forget the Press Council of India comes with enough responsibilities and duties, which it is carrying out for such a long time. It ensures that the Indian press is not affected by any external matter. Currently, Justice Chandramauli Kumar Prasad is Chairman of the Council as of 2021, who was appointed for a second term recently.

The press always connects us to the world. Let us celebrate the occasion oThe personal Press Day by thanking all the press professionals for doing their job and serving us with the latest happenings around the world.


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