Netflix brings back controversial matchmaking show hosted by everyone’s favourite matchmaker Sima Tarparia


Netflix is going to bring back the controversial show ‘Indian Matchmaking’ with matchmaker Sima Tarparia as the host for the second season.

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Sima aunty makes an appearance on ‘Big Boss: Over The Top’ hosted by Karan Johar


On Day 2 of Big Boss: Over The Top, Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Tarparia makes a guest appearance on the show which is known for its competitive, energetic, aggressive, and temperamental environment.

According to the show, the main theme is to stay connected throughout the whole journey. 


With regards to this theme, Sima aunty interacts with different individuals on the show who were having a hard time connecting the matchmaker’s interaction with Urfi Javed and Zeeshan Khan goes viral

In the viral video clip, contestant Urfi tells Sima to find a ‘rishta’ (match) for her outside of Big Boss: Over The Top. Following her request, Sima asks if Urfi didn’t like or even prefer anyone on the show, to which Urfi says no.

Sima jokingly tells Urfi’s connection Zeeshan, “Kya bol rahi hai bhai? Koi nahi samajh mein aaya isko (What is she saying? She has not clicked with anyone).” To which he replies, “Nahi samajh mein aaya hoga (She must not have liked someone that way).”

However, Sima being a professional assures that there is more to come as it has only been two days since the show aired. Zeeshan smiles at her words and says, “Picture abhi baaki hai (It’s not over yet).”

People’s reaction to ‘Indian Matchmaking Season 2’

Sima aunty matchmaking The North-Eastern Chronicle

‘Indian Matchmaking’ was indeed a controversial show with regards to the Indian dynamics and has been tagged as being ‘regressive’. Not only was it controversial but it also gave a glimpse of reality in the Indian setting when it comes to matchmaking.

Previously, in the show, Sima collects “bio-data” from people who are interested and goes for the search to find the perfect match. She also emphasizes how ‘comprising’ is very important when it comes to meeting or finding the one who you think is right for you.

Netflix India writes, “Keep your Biodata ready because Sima aunty is returning with Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking!” for their announcement on the show’s return.

Despite the mixed reactions, it’s going to be on everyone’s ‘guilty pleasure’ list for sure.


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