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Netflix’s ‘Skater Girl’ sweeps controversy; Madhya Pradesh’s Asha Gond claims its her story

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A 21-year-old tribal girl named Asha Gond was surprised after she saw the three-minute teaser of the new Netflix fictional film ‘Skater Girl’ and claims the story to be similar to her life, where the story includes heavy portions from her life and her tribal village in Madhya Pradesh. Skater girl got released on 11 June on Netflix.

“I was surprised that the trailer has a very similar story to mine. After I watch the film, I wrote an email to the filmmakers asking why they didn’t credit us. People like me worked so hard to bring societal change…They never replied and now nothing can be changed…We don’t want money. It would have been nice if people knew who the story is really based on”, said Asha.

However, the official spokesperson of Skatepark Films LLC stated that the film “captures the experiences of many skaters”.

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