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Neutralized 2 Terrorist in J&K: Major Arun Kumar Pandey Awarded Shaurya Chakra

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Major Arun Kumar Pandey was granted the Shaurya Chakra on the night before Independence Day, according to ANI. He got the honor for his chivalry while battling extremists in Jammu and Kashmir

During an activity in the Valley in June 2020, Major Arun killed 2 in-your-face psychological oppressors. 

In doing as such, he struck a significant hit to the plans of the adversary and this honor perceives his valiance. 

The Shaurya Chakra is an Indian military adornment granted for boldness, brave activity or benevolence while not occupied with direct activity with the foe. 

It might very well be granted to regular citizens just as military staff. 

Six Army men get Shaurya Chakra for against fear activities in Jammu and Kashmir

Shaurya Chakra 1 Major The North-Eastern Chronicle

Five other people who were granted the Shaurya Chakra were Captain Ashutosh Kumar (Posthumous), Captain Vikas Khatri, RFN Mukesh Kumar and SEP Neeraj Ahlawat. 

A sum of 154 Indian Army officials and staff were given valor grants, including six Shaurya Chakra, on the event of the 75th Independence Day, the Indian Army said on Saturday. 

A sum of six Shaurya Chakra have been granted, of which one is after death. Bar to Sena Medal (valor) has been granted to four, Sena Medal (courage) granted to 116, including 15 post mortem, and Mention-in-Despatches to 28 Army officials which incorporate three post mortem. 

Major Pandey sited a hole free cordon and drove the quest for the terrorists

On June 9, 2020, Major Arun Kumar Pandey got insight into five psychological oppressors in a town of Jammu and Kashmir. He had the option to pinpoint the conceivable area of the psychological oppressors in an enormous plantation with thick undergrowth. 

Major Pandey sited a hole free cordon and drove the quest for the fear mongers. He noticed dubious development in the thick undergrowth towards which he progressed strategically with his kindred warriors. Out of nowhere, he was met with aimless fire to which he fought back in the wake of seeking shelter in the folds of the ground. He crept forward through the explosion of psychological oppressor fire and killed one fear monger by his own fire. 

In doing so, he came in the line of fire of another psychological militant. Major Arun quickly rolled sideways and pushed ahead to connect with him around other people, along these lines killing him. He killed two fear based oppressors.

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One bad-to-the-bone Pakistani fear monger was killed in the activity

Enumerating about the occurrence, the Army said a gathering of fear mongers was terminating aimlessly towards the inward cordon of the soldiers in a bid to avoid, seeking shelter of regular citizens nearby as human safeguards. 

It said Ahlawat hung tight for an advantageous second and terminated precisely on the escaping fear mongers subsequent to practicing outrageous restriction and showing poise notwithstanding a quickly raising circumstance. 

“One of the psychological oppressors was killed on the spot. The subsequent psychological oppressor opened substantial fire towards Sepoy Ahlawat at short proximity. In spite of the grave peril, he showed dauntless fortitude to clutch his position and kept connecting with the subsequent psychological oppressor, harming him and harming his modern M-4 Assault Rifle,” it said. 

The heroic activities of Ahlawat prompted the disposal of a Pakistani fear monger, the Army said.


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