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New study claims, Humans could possibly produce in Mars; Sperm may survive up to 200 years on the planet

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A study titled “Evaluating the Long-Term Effect of Space Radiation on the Reproductive Normality of Mammalian Sperm Preserved on the International Space Station” discovers that sperm cells can live on Mars for up to 200 years. That also means human production is possible on that planet.

The only thing which needs to be figured how humans would reproduce in Mars’ microgravity. Well, the discoveries were published in Science Advances on Friday.

Experimenters realized that the mouse sperm conserved aboard the space station was still healthy even after six years after which X-rays on Earth were subjected and determined it did not affect fertility. Well, the sperm was freeze-dried and preserved on the International Space Station.

Surprisingly it happened in the birth of 168 healthy children after being returned to Earth and rehydrated. Study author Professor Sayaka Wakayama of the Japan’s University of Yamanashi told AFP, “Many genetically normal offspring were obtained. These discoveries are essential for mankind to progress into the space age.”

He further added, “When the time comes to migrate to other planets, we will need to maintain the diversity of genetic resources, not only for humans but also for pets and domestic animals.”

Inputs: The Science Times

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