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Nisangram: Village where nature and history unite

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Nisangram – nestled in the Northeastern state of Assam’s Goalpara district is a village of untouched, rustic beauty. It is a place where ‘Nature Meets History.’ 

A picturesque Garo village that brims with rustic natural beauty, rich heritage, delicious seasonal produce and mouth-watering ethnic delicacies. It is a place away from the humdrums of busy life. A place to relax, rechange and reinvigorate.

History of the place

place Nisangram The North-Eastern Chronicle

Earlier known as “Matmaeram” it is situated close to the Meghalaya border. It was later re-christened as “Nisangram”. It is derived from a high and distinctive flag once installed in the village.

In 1864 a school for Garo children was established here.

“Everyone is literate in this village” – says Lakshman Chandra Momin, Retd. Teacher, B.N Union L.P School 

 Later on, Rev. Rakho, a religious reformer first came and settled in this village. This area then came to be known as ‘Christian Fara’ meaning a village of Christians. 

Things worth mentioning

Nisangram, is a village known for its cleanliness. It is due to the hardwork and awareness of the villagers who keep their locality clean.

pla Nisangram The North-Eastern Chronicle

Community Cleaning initiatives

Every Saturday the villagers make it a habit of engaging in community cleaning initiatives. There are other specific days for cleaning as well. The villagers have also allotted days for women and men folk and children to engage in cleanliness activities. 

“Cleanliness has become a part of their habit,” informs Ajoy KUmr Haloi, Block Project Manager, ASRLM, T D Block

People from different parts of Assam and India as well have been visiting the place regularly as tourists. This has led to a change in the village as well. 

The advent of the pandemic,COVID19 when people were shut in their homes and craving for a connection with the outside world. The initiative of building a ‘Rural Homestay’ at Nisangram was undertaken.

The idea of developing Nisangram as a tourist site is mainly to provide sustainable livelihoods to the women.

Their main motto is to promote “Cleanliness Tourism” and promote authentic and mouth watering Garo delicacies.

Places to see and things to do at Nisangram:-

  1. Built in 1868, a 152 year old church is one of the main attractions for History enthusiasts.
  2. Mesmerising landscapes with waterfalls
  3. Clean roads with beautiful sidewalks 
  4. Jeep Safaris for tourists
  5. Bicycling
  6. Trekking
  7. Research Activities

“If tourism develops, our future generation would benefit immensely. We are preparing houses with homestay facilities. This will lead to economic development in the area,” says Somanan Marak, President Nissan VO, ASRLM, Kushdhowa T D Block.

Efforts are on to transform Nisangram as an ideal tourist destination. Anyone with a love for nature and quietness can visit this beautiful village not too far from the capital city of Assam, Guwahati. 

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