Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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India’s Nishad Kumar bags silver medal in ongoing paralympics

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Indian player Nishad Kumar won the silver medal in the men’s high jump category of the ongoing Tokyo Paralympic Games on Sunday. Nishad Kumar tied his Asian record with a 2.06m high jump in the final of the high jump event. Another Indian, Rampal, won the trustworthy fifth place, matching his personal best 194m high jump. 

Dallas Wise and Nishad Kumar had the best jumps

Nishad Kumar

America’s Dallas Wise and Nishad Kumar had the best jump of 2.06 meters and also won the silver medal. Another American who participated in the competition, Roderick Townsend won the gold medal with a high jump of 2.15 million meters, setting a new world record.

In the final, Nishad Kumar started with a 1.89m jump and cleared it without fuss. Ram Pal, starting at 1.84m, also made a good start.

Rampal surpasses 1.89m

Subsequently, Ram Pal surpassed 1.89 when he first tried to keep in touch with the leader. Setting the height at 1.94m, Nishad again broke the mark on his first attempt, but Ram Pal recorded a failed jump but passed his second attempt to equal his personal best.

1.98m turned out to be a Ram Pal failure because he logged three unsuccessful start attempts. Nishad also had tense moments because he failed to clear the height on the first attempt, but his second attempt was successful.

Nishad Kumar competing with China’s Chen Hongjie

At this time, Nishad Kumar was competing with Chen Hongjie from China. The two American athletes did not even participate in the competition. His opening jump was set at 2.02 m.

Nishad Kumar reached the top with a score of 2.02 on his first attempt, but it turns out that for the Chinese athlete, his height is a bit too high, and all three of his attempts failed. Surprisingly, Dallas Wise’s first jump attempt failed, but then he succeeded on the second jump. On the other hand, Roderick surpassed the 2.02 mark in his attempt.

Both Nishad and Dallas failed to clear the first attempts

Then the crossbar rose to 2.06m. Both Nishad Kumar and Dallas Wise failed to clear the height on the first attempt, but they did on the second attempt. Nishad tied his previous best jump by surpassing the 2.06 million mark, which also turned out to be an Asian record.

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