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No Beef within 5 km of temples: Cattle preservation Bill by Assam Govt

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Assam chief minister tabled a legislation to protect cattle in the state on the first day of the budget session of the assembly, which if  Assam would join other BJP-ruled states such as UP, MP and Karnataka, which have similar legislation to protect cows.

The Bill prevents slaughter of cows unless a registered veterinary officer issues a written certificate that the animal is fit for slaughter. Only those cows that are over 14 years of age or those that have become permanently incapacitated due to work, breeding, accident or deformity will be certified for slaughter. 

Through this bill, Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma bars sale and purchase of beef or beef products in areas “predominantly inhabited by Hindu, Jain, Sikh and other non beef-eating communities”, or “within a radius of 5 km” of any temple or sattra (Vaishnavite monasteries).

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