Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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No women to be shown eating pizza and drinking cold drinks; Iran’s new regulations shocks citizens

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You may be amazed to hear about the brand new decree that has come in Iran in the past. New regulations of censorship are announced in Iran.

In those regulations, a few regulations were fixed only for women in addition to a few policies were made for guys as well.

Men not to shown serving tea to women

You have regularly come across males and females in commercials of pizza and cold beverages approaching TV. Just now censorship has been imposed on those commercials in Iran.

Under the brand new rules, girls will now no longer be consuming pizza or consuming beverages in the commercials of pizza and cold drinks on TV in Iran. Not this, also in the commercials or s that come on TV, men will now no longer be seen even serving tea to girls.

women in Iran

According to sources, TV producers were requested by the Iranian censorship regulator to observe those regulations. Producers will now no longer have the ability to expose girls sporting leather-based gloves or red coloured drinks on their display or ad.

This does not stop here , guys will now no longer be proven serving tea to ladies in locations like workplaces.

It has been instructed through the internet site IranWire that with the current audit, those new policies had been set for broadcasters and filmmakers on behalf of presidential officials.

Amir Hosni Shamshadi’s consent

The internet site states that Amir Hosni Shamshadi has additionally expressed his consent that girls should now no longer be seen on TV consuming any type of purple drink.

Shamshadi is the head of public relations for the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). Apart from pizza, this listing additionally consists of sandwiches. In order to conform with the brand new rules, it’s very crucial to get approval from the IRIB for the scenes or snap shots wherein males and females are seen in each house.

Some Iranian streaming websites can also additionally self-censor to keep away from fines from the government.

Talk show’s visitor’s face blurred

IRIB is accountable for monitoring and licensing Iran’s domestic theater and streaming platforms. The company does the job of licensing and tracking through Satara.

Recently, the face of a visitor was blurred on the new episode of the Iranian talk show named Pishgu. Actress Elnaaz Habibi was at the show to speak to the presenter Pejman Jamshidi.

But only his voice was heard in the show and face was blurred. People in Iran are very indignant about the brand new regulations and that they have opened a front towards their government on Instagram.


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