Thursday, December 9, 2021

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Watch: Complex security guards of Noida housing society assaults 2 residents, FIR lodged

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A man suffered head injuries after he was assaulted by the security guards of Noida residential society. They ganged up and assaulted him because of the complaints that were filed against him regarding the security maintenance of the premises.

Caught on camera

The incident was caught on camera which occurred in Lotus Boulevard in Sector 39 police station area. A video that has gone viral showing uniformed guards assaulting a middle-aged man with a stick. As per the sources, the place looks like the lobby of a building.

It captured some people who were busy intervening and also asked the rude guards to leave the lobby. The guards were seen walking out. At that very moment, the middle-aged man who was assaulted grabs a cane and starts hitting a guard. The guards immediately stood against him and One of them held him tightly and the others hit him with sticks.

Clip-in detail

Watch the Video here:

The clip then shows a fellow resident, rushing to the man being attacked and shouting because he starts bleeding from the head. The assault still does not stop and two guards continue to assault the two men.

One of the residents was seen fighting back with a wooden stick which was left by security personnel, asking their other colleagues to come and hit the man, who was grabbed by his neck by another one of the security guards, the video showed.

*Another resident was seen coming to rescue of the man also got hit in the milieu before all security guards left*

The police assured that strict action would be taken against the rude guards. An officer of Sector 39 police station said a police team is on its way to the spot where it took place to receive information about the incident. Police asked the residents and also saw the video. “It can be seen in the video that the guards have assaulted the resident. We have registered a case and action will be taken against everyone directly or indirectly involved in this attack,” he said.

Complaint received at Sector 39 police station, said Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police

“Local police officials visited the spot for probe after they were alerted about the incident. An FIR is being lodged in the case based on a complaint and strict action will be taken against the guilty persons after a due probe,” Singh said.

He said the police have taken the video which “clearly showed” security staff hitting the man, but added that detailed information will be uploaded asserting what triggered the fight.

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