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“North-East must not forget its Historical Relations with China”: this Press Release by ULFA (I) could be a trouble for North-East India

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The United Liberation Front of Assam, also known as ULFA (I), uploaded a Press Release in the Assamese Language a week ago and in the English Language a couple of days ago on their YouTube Channel. In the video, ULFA (I)’s full-fledged support towards China and blaming India for the border issues with China can be seen. ULFA (I) Commander-in-Chief, Paresh Baruah’s nephew was also seen talking about the relationship and historical ties that North-East India has with China, for a long time. He was seen talking about the Chinese immigrants who came over and shaped the North-East into what it is today and how people must never forget it.

This Press Release yesterday grabbed the attention of people and raised the question of whether China is backing the insurgency groups like ULFA (I) of the North-Eastern states of India. According to Security Sources, such a step by ULFA (I) is either to please the Chinese or they might have been directed by Chinese Agencies to send such messages to the people. With border tensions between the two countries and ULFA (I)’s Commander-in-Chief still in China, Chinese Agencies would definitely not miss out on this opportunity to create tension in India.

Moreover, China withdrew their troops from face-off areas in Eastern Ladakh after a telephonic conversation between National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Sunday. According to sources, during this two-hour telephonic conversation China agreed on an expeditious withdrawal of troops from the face-off areas. It might be an instigation of China to the NE ultras to create trouble in the region, as told by sources.

But what develops suspicions at this point of time is ULFA (I)’s Press Release in favour of China and Chinese troops removing structures from eastern Ladakh after such violence and disturbance created in the border areas since last Monday. This sudden move by the ULFA (I), as well as Chinese Troops, might direct towards the upcoming trouble India might face in the coming days. In addition to that, such kind of a Press Release by ULFA (I) might be an indirect warning of the Chinese attacks on the North-Eastern region of India in the coming time.

Disclaimer: This Opinion is a perspectives from one end, everyone might not agree with the same, we respect each and every opinion and look forward to hear it from our viewers.

Opinion by Upasana Gohain, The North-Eastern Chronicle.

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