According to reports, 81-year-old Prasad was rushed to the hospital on June 18 after overdosing on alcohol and sleeping pills. Following his release, Prasad filed a police report stating that multiple YouTubers had called him to pressurise him into apologising to YouTuber Gaurav Wasan, causing him to become depressed.

Although no formal charges have been filed, the authorities are looking into the role of the YouTubers who reportedly made the calls to Prasad. Prasad’s condition is currently stable, according to DCP (south district) Atul Kumar Thakur, and he has returned home. The Indian Express quoted a top officer as stating, “He was initially on a ventilator and later in the Intensive Care Unit.”

Wasan, on the other hand, told the news agency PTI that he has no idea who was phoning Prasad. “How would I know who was calling him and requesting an apology from him? I went to meet him after seeing him apologise to me in the media. He was apologising to me. I felt horrible and urged him not to say anything because he is my elder.”

The ‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ owner had come into limelight last year when a video featuring him went viral on social media. After returning to the old diner earlier this month, Prasad apologised to the food blogger, explaining that Wasan was neither a thief nor did he claim to be one. Prasad went on to state that he made a mistake for which he apologised.


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