Tuesday, November 30, 2021

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Passengers save elderly woman from falling under a moving train; watch spine chilling video

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A woman was rescued by some alert passengers after being stuck beneath a moving train in Maharashtra, as shown by a 2-minute video released by ANI on Twitter.

After a terrible tumble under a moving train at the Vasai Road Railway Station in Maharashtra on Sunday, a 71-year-old woman was thankfully saved by the passengers.

According to CCTV footage provided by the Indian Railways, the woman was attempting to board a moving train when she slid and nearly fell under it.

However, with their active presence of mind, the passengers on the scene raced to her aid and managed to save her before she was ran over.

Video released by news agency ANI

The woman gets stuck under the speeding train, and a large throng gathers around her, according to the 2-minute video released by news agency ANI on Twitter. A number of passengers and police officers on the platform also ran for assistance.

Her husband accompanied her on the trip. However, the woman was rescued with multiple fractures, particularly on her lower body. She is no longer in danger and is receiving therapy.

After realising the situation, the train was likewise pulled to a halt.

Incident occurred in Mumbai Suburban Railway’s Western line and Vasai Road-Roha line

Passengers attempting to board moving trains have resulted in various situations occurring.

This particular event occurred on the Mumbai Suburban Railway’s Western line and Vasai Road-Roha line, near the Vasai Road Railway Junction.

Despite the Railways’ repeated warnings and orders against attempting to board moving trains, some passengers have been witnessed doing so, putting their lives in danger.

Similar incidents

Another woman was rescued by an observant police officer at the railway junction earlier this week while standing in the middle of the railway track as a local train approached her.

When an officer on duty noticed the woman, he promptly signalled the train to come to a complete stop. He later raced to the scene and dragged the woman to the platform.

In a similar occurrence in Madhya Pradesh, a woman was spotted attempting to board a speeding train before falling off as the locomotive accelerated. The observant passengers standing nearby, on the other hand, immediately pull her out and save her from drowning. A railway police officer could also be seen hurrying to the scene.

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