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Actor Paul Rudd revisits UK restaurant for his love of Indian food; Indians fans go crazy

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There isn’t much left that Indian’s haven’t fought over, however if there’s one thing that brings the whole country together, it is the love for biryani — irrespective of the kind of biryani it is.

Indian food

Well, who would have imagined that actor Paul Rudd would turn out to be a Biryani lover someday? Well recently in the United Kingdom, he went on to visit an Indian restaurant and from what we could see from the looks of his picture, he seemed to have absolutely savored the food. 

The Tweet

The owner of the restaurant named Darjeeling Express, Asma Khan, posted a selfie on Twitter with Paul. From her tweet, one could easily understand that this is not the first time Paul’s been to Asma’s restaurant. In this instance Paul was served the famous Calcutta Dum Biryani and the smile on his face says how much he loved the food.

“Welcome back to @Darjeelingldn Paul Rudd! Today was our #BiryaniSupperclub and I was so happy to serve #Calcutta Dum Biryani to Paul”, wrote Asma in her tweet.

Earlier in August, Rudd visited Darjeeling Express along with Dan Levy. They were served with the Indian Thali that included a variety of dishes including Poori, peas Pulao and mutton curry.

Fans react to Paul

Fans in India are finding it difficult to take in the fact that Paul actually loves Desi food. In total astonishment one fan wrote, “Paul Rudd likes Indian food and he ate biryani???? This man cannot get any more perfect!!! I love him even more now. He is the greatest celebrity crush of my life”; while most of them have gone bollocks over Paul’s stunning look even at this age of 52.  “God I’m straight and I’d absolutely destroy the beautiful beautiful man. Incredible”, writes one user.

Celebs who love desi food

Among other Hollywood celebrities who like Indian food include superstars like Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga, Will Smith, Julia Roberts. Tom Cruise had even once asked for Chicken Tikka Masala with extra spices in a UK restaurant; meanwhile actor and producer, Will Smith had gone on to declare Indian cuisine as the World’s best cuisine.

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