Petrol price in Assam seems to Skyrocketing every day, with its price standing 93.29 per liter today, 29 paise hike from yesterday. The Government lowers the prices in the state at the time of election seasons. But as the election got over the price seems to never be lower.

The last lowest price in the state was Rs 68.19 way back in December 2018, since then its been on a steep hike. As the pandemic has already affected a lot of people’s earnings and livelihood, now the rising petrol price putting a lot of inconvenience for the vehicle owners and daily commuters pocket.

Not only Assam, rising petrol and diesel price has been an issue in other states also. Petrol price hit an all-time high of Rs 103.63 a liter in Mumbai, with an increase of 27 paise from the previous day price of Rs 103.36 per liter.

Fuel prices differ from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxes such as VAT and freight charges. It has hit the 100-liter mark in eight state and union territories Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka, Jammu, and Kashmir, and Ladakh.


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