The past holds many interesting stories, and one such tale brought a Mizo family in contact with their long-lost relative three years after her death. Surprisingly enough, the relative turned out to be Iggy the Eskimo – the Girl who captured the spirit of the ’60s.

The one-time girlfriend of Syd Barrett, the founding member of Pink Floyd, happens to be born of a Mizo mother and a British father. She was born as Evelyn Joyce but was most commonly known as ‘Iggy the Eskimo’ and ‘Iggy the Inuit’. Her long dark hair, lovely Asian features, button nose, and baby face captured the eyes of the London public.

As per reports, it has come to light that Iggy Rose had a Mizo mother named Chawngpuii, while Iggy was born somewhere in present-day Pakistan. She did her schooling in India and Aden before moving to England. Her entry into the spotlight was as abrupt as her disappearance from it. Only after the Holy Church of Iggy the Inuit launched a mission to bring her back four decades later, they connected with the maternal side of her family in Mizoram.

Iggy’s mother had lost contact with her family in 1966 during the Mizos’ Uprising. Rosangliana, one of Iggy’s relatives in Mizoram, said, “After Mizoram returned to normalcy following the 1986 peace accord, we resumed the search for Iggy’s parents, going through Havant Council Hampshire and the UK’s Ministry of Defence, but to no avail.”

After they came across a post about Iggy on the internet, they managed to connect to her family in London. Her brother and sister were excited to have found the other half of their family. Iggy fan page was rechristened as Iggy the Mizo following the discovery.


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