Monday, November 29, 2021

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PM Modi chairs UNSC debate, promoting importance of peacefully resolving maritime issues

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Through video conference, the Prime Minister Modi presided over an open debate on “Enhancing Maritime Security – A Case for International Cooperation.”

On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi presided over a high-level UN Security Council open debate on improving maritime security and the need for international cooperation in this area.

In the past, the UN Security Council has debated and enacted resolutions on various elements of marine security and maritime crime.


According to the Prime Leader’s Office, Modi is the first Indian prime minister to preside over a UN Security Council Open Debate.

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Attendees of the meeting

Several heads of state and government from UN Security Council (UNSC) member nations, as well as high-level briefers from the UN system and key regional organizations, are attending the meeting.

What’s maritime security?

Maritime security, the latest phrase in international affairs, lacks a widely accepted meaning. National security, the marine environment, economic development, and human security are all classified as issues in the maritime sector. 

It also deals with regional seas, territorial waters, rivers, and ports, in addition to the world’s oceans.

Focus on the open debate

The open discussion centered on how to successfully combat maritime crime and instability, as well as how to improve marine domain coordination. 

In the past, the United Nations Security Council has debated and enacted resolutions on various areas of marine security and maritime crime.

However, this is the first time in such a high-level open debate that maritime security is treated holistically as an exclusive agenda item.

PM Modi’s points on the issue

Modi 3 Modi The North-Eastern Chronicle

PM Modi suggested that prosperity depends on the active flow of maritime trade. 

“We should remove barriers to maritime trade. Our prosperity depends on the active flow of maritime trade & barriers in this path can pose a challenge to the entire global economy. Free maritime trade is associated with the culture of India for time immemorial,” PM Modi said.

He also added, “Oceans are our shared heritage & our maritime routes are the lifelines of international trade. These oceans are very important for the future of our planet.”

“We should remove barriers from maritime trade. Free and uninterrupted maritime trade is necessary for holistic development,” Modi said.

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