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PM Modi: Vehicle scrappage policy will boost circular economy

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PM Narendra Modi on Friday dispatched the public vehicle scrappage strategy, saying it will assist the stage with excursion of unsuitable and dirtying vehicles and furthermore advance a roundabout economy. 

Modi PM The North-Eastern Chronicle

The strategy will give another personality to India’s portability and auto area, Modi said in a video address to the Investor Summit held to welcome speculation for setting up vehicle rejecting framework under the Voluntary Vehicle-Fleet Modernization Program.

Why such a policy is important for the economy and environment


The approach directs that all autos over a specific age ought to be off the streets in light of a legitimate concern for better contamination control and security, which new vehicles guarantee. Business vehicles more than 15 years of age and individual vehicles more than 20 years of age are set apart for rejection — it doesn’t make any difference in the event that they run on diesel or petroleum — in the event that they bomb a robotized wellness test. These will be deregistered; the proprietor can decide to scrap them, yet can’t utilize them out and about.

What is a roundabout economy?

vehicle scrappage PM The North-Eastern Chronicle

A roundabout economy relies upon reuse, sharing, fix, repair, remanufacturing and reusing of assets to make a shut circle framework, limiting the utilization of assets, age of waste, contamination and fossil fuel byproducts. 

At the point when a vehicle is rejected, aside from metals including iron and steel, numerous different parts might arise that can be revamped and furrowed once more into utilization. Reused steel from scrap, even seats and plastic parts, have esteem in the piece economy. It is like the monetary movement of scrapping of old boats, as in Alang shipbreaking yard in Gujarat. 

In a roundabout economy, items, materials, hardware and foundation are kept being used for more, hence further developing usefulness. 

Does it help the economy?

Universally, a scrappage strategy has been trailed by support sought after in the vehicle producing area, particularly in Europe and the US. This has additionally been an apparatus to manage monetary log jam in the . 

“This arrangement will assume a significant part in eliminating unsuitable vehicles from our streets in a logical way. It will modernize the vehicular populace on our city streets,” he said. The leader said that India should work for “clean, blockage free and  helpful versatility” in the 21st century. 

The arrangement will assume a critical part in the ‘Waste to Wealth’ program, Modi said, adding it will likewise help in decreasing contamination in our urban areas. “The dispatch of Vehicle Scrappage Policy today is a critical achievement in India’s improvement venture. 

The Investor Summit in Gujarat for setting up vehicle rejecting framework opens another scope of conceivable outcomes. I would demand our childhood and new companies to join this program,” Modi tweeted before the occasion.

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