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Deputy Superintendent Of Police Son & Sub-Inspector Mom Salute Each Other; inspiring picture goes viral

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In an inspiring occurrence, a mother-son pair serving in Gujarat Police shared a glad second that has now circulated on the web. 

The photo, which was shared on the official Twitter account of Gujarat Public Service Commission Chairman Dinesh Dasa, shows a mother and son crossing paths and acknowledging each other while on duty.

While the mother works as an assistant sub-inspector, her son works as a Deputy Superintendent of Police, which makes him her superior.

Cop son salutes mother in the viral image

Sharing this image on Twitter, Dasa wrote in the subtitle: “What could have been the most satisfying moment for an ASI mother to see her DYSP son, Vishal Rabari, stand before her reciprocating her salute bundled with years of commitment and dedicated motherhood with sheer love…!! GPSC celebrates this picture-perfect…!!!”

The mother, Madhuban Rabari, is posted as Junagadh Taluka ASI. Her child, Vishal Rabari, is filling in as DYSP in Aravalli. Both mother and child showed up at the state-level Independence Day festivities held in Junagadh. 

When their paths crossed during the ceremony, the mother saluted her son, who was on duty as parade commander, reported. 

Their picture is now going viral on social media

The photograph has turned into a web sensation via web-based media, piling up more than 4,900 preferences. 

If youngsters move high tops throughout everyday life, there is no restriction to the bliss of guardians.  Needless to say, however, parents do not have turbans if they reach a high level where children need to respect themselves.

In the meantime, we have seen scenes where the father honours his son on the job, and the father salutes his superior daughter. But now, we will see that Kannathalli is saluting her excellent son. 

Comments are heartwarming

Commenting on the image, one user wrote, “what a proud moment for that mother.” Hard work and consistency are the keys to success, wrote another adding, words are not enough to describe someone’s feelings. “A picture speaks a thousand words”: a third wrote saying that Vishal Rabari made both the mothers proud.

Another incident: Andhra Pradesh cop was photographed saluting his daughter

A similar occurrence occurred in Telangana recently when an Andhra Pradesh cop was captured showing respect to his little girl, selected as the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of the Guntur locale. Yendluru Jessy Prasanthi and Circle Inspector Y Shyam Sundar were on duty at the same time and were confronted during a meeting.

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