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Popular TV Character ‘Daya’ never wanted to become an actor; even rejected CID that made him the big star today

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Daya is one of the cult characters in television and it might stay till eternity. But did we knew that Dayanand Shetty well, his real name is Daya too, didn’t want to become an actor and had rejected the same role that made him the well-known star he is today.

Indiatimes took a candid interview with Dayanand Shetty and where he spoke about his journey as Daya for 21 years and how it started.

Talking about CID becoming so popular, Daya said, “Nobody expected that the show will become cult. I was told that the show will run for a year and I even got auditioned for it. We all thought that Zyada se Zyada 2 saal chalega. But it happened and we were part of the show for 21 years and all the credit goes to the audience. They have made the show what it is today”.

He also talked about how people have made the character so big that it has become a brand for him. And how he enjoys ‘Daya Darwaza Tod Do’ that has been tagged with his name. And very thankful to people for whom his small work became so big.

He also spoke how he never thought of becoming an actor and was hesitant to take the role in CID, it was because his friend Sanjay Shetty who was one of the directors of the show has given the audition for the role.

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